• 23.11.2016 15:20

    MODX version 0.9.5-1.0 includes Wayfinder by default in the installer. To add Wayfinder to an older version of MODX or to upgrade to a newer version of Wayfinder in Evolution:

    Download the neccesary files from the link above.
    Create a new snippet in your MODX Manager (Elements -> Manage Elements -> Snippets) and name if Wayfinder.
    Copy the contents of snippet.wayfinder.tpl.php to the snippet contents.
    Create a new folder in your file system under /assets/snippets/ and call it...
  • 23.11.2016 15:20

    Wayfinder's primary purpose is to generate navigational menus that automatically update to reflect changes made to the document tree, but it can be used for other purposes as well.
    Since you can make multiple calls to Wayfinder on a single page, and each call can specify a different section of the document tree, you can have multiple navigational menus or document lists on a single page. For example you may wish to have a main menu at the top of the page, then along the sides have secondary...